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Kodiak Cutting Tools® Carbide End Mill Selection and Use Guide

End Mills

Carbide end mills are one of the hardest cutting tools available. Next to diamond there are very few other materials harder than carbide. This makes carbide capable of machining almost any metal if done correctly. It is important to use carbide endmills in accordance with the speeds and feeds recommended by the manufacturer. When followed correctly, these parameters can lead to very productive milling operations producing many parts from one tool. Our carbide end mill selection ranges over a wide variety of styles to accommodate many different jobs. All of our carbide endmills are made using an ultra-micrograin carbide material that allows us to grind very precise tool geometry and provides extremely long tool life when used properly.

Below is a list of the carbide end mill styles that we stock. You will find each of these styles available in a variety of sizes and with high performance tool coatings that will allow you to run the tools as much as 30 to 40% faster under the right operating conditions. If you do not see the tool configuration that you need here, please contact us as we also have many sizes not listed and can make special tools in small quantities to meet your requirements.

2 Flute Carbide End Mills

Made of micrograin carbide for general milling applications. Two flute configuration allows for maximium chip evacuation. Often used in softer material that produces stringier chips. Available in most basic end mill types.  Link: Two Flute Square End Carbide End Mills

4 Flute Carbide End Mills

A micrograin carbide end mill for general milling applications. Four flutes tools do more work per rotation and can provide a better finish, but leave less room for chip evacuation. This is the most common number of flutes on a basic end mill.Available in most basic end mill types.  Link: Four Flute Square End Carbide End Mills

Ball Nose (Ball End) Carbide End Mills

Ball nose end mills are used to create rounded profiles and also used for general material removal in some applications. Full slotting applications include o-ring grooves and other such applications that require a full radiused slot or partial radius profile milling operation. Available in some basic and high performance end mill types.  Link: Ball Nose Carbide End Mills

Corner Radius Carbide End Mills

If you are able to use one for your application, corner radius end mills improve productivity and reduce costs. A sharp corner of an end mill is its weakest point. The corner radius design strengthens the endmill by reducing chipping and providing longer tool life. The corner radius also produces a stronger corner in the finished part. These are used in many industries, such as in aircraft manufacturing, requiring strong corners from lighter weight parts. Available in some basic and high performance end mill types.  Link: Corner Radiused Carbide End Mills

Stub Length Carbide End Mills

Stub length end mills are the best choice when a longer length of cut or tool length is not required. A rule-of-thumb when milling is to use the shortest length possible for your job. This produces a more rigid tool set up and allows for better milling results with less chatter. Stub length tools are also less expensive and can save money on jobs the do not require the flute length of a standard pattern milling bit. Available in limited basic and high performance end mill types.  Link: Stub Length Carbide End Mills

Double End Carbide End Mills

Double-End mills reduce costs using both ends of the carbide and are an efficient design when the job and machine set up allows for them. Standard length double-end tools feature a Weldon flat. Available in limited end mill styles.  Link: Double-End Carbide End Mills

Long Carbide End Mills

These long series end mill bits feature a longer shank length to reach into pockets and cavities that are unreachable with standard length tools. The rigid nature of the carbide material allows for minimal deflection and greater accuracy in these extra length tools. Some popular diameteres are available with a choice of flute lengths. Available in limited end mill styles.  Link: Long Length Carbide End Mills

Extra Long Carbide End Mills

These extra-long series end mill bits feature a extra long shank length to reach into pockets and cavities that are unreachable with standard long length tools. The rigid nature of the carbide material allows for minimal deflection and greater accuracy in these extra long length tools. Some popular diameteres are available with a choice of flute lengths. Available in limited end mill styles.  Link: Extra-Long Length Carbide End Mills

Variable Index Carbide End Mills

These endmills are designed for high production milling and maximum material removal. The variable index flute configuration produces a harmonics shift, resulting in minimal chatter and an exceptional finish.These hi performance end mills work extremely well in hard to machine materials such as high temp alloys, stainless steels, and alloy steels, cast iron, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys and other exotics. Available and stub length, ball nose, corner radius and extra long patterns, we have the variable index end mill for your job.  Link: Variable-Index Carbide End Mills

Roughing Carbide End Mills (Hog Mills)

Designed for high production material removal, these end mills are with a larger core diameter and serrations tor chip-breakers. These are ofter referred to as Hog Mills. For a smooth finish a finishing end mill must be used after the roughing process performed with these tools. Available and stub length, ball nose and long patterns. We also feature a roughing finishing tool that combines the increased material removal while leaving a better finish than the standard roughing end mills.  Link: Roughing Carbide End Mills

End Mills for Aluminum and Other Non-Ferrous Metals

These tools feature a 45° helix and a deeper gash for greater chip evacuation. Available in a 2 flute for roughing operations or a 3 flute designed for roughing and finishing. The high shearing action provides an excellent finish on aluminum. The ZrN coating is recommended for these high performance tools. These tools can also be used on other nonferrous materials.Available in standard and long lengths with or without a corner radius.  Link: End Mills for Aluminum

5 Flute End Mills

These 5 flute endmills feature a 45° helix, and are a high performance tool that can be run using the high performance speeds and feeds listed in our reference section. These tools work well in exotic materials, stainless steels, carbon steels and other similar materials. We stock these and I stub length and regular length in both square and corner radius. Our most popular version of this tool includes the ALTiN coating which increases performance and speeds and feeds considerably. These tools can provide an excellent finish due to the multi-flute configuration in high performance geometry.  Link: 5 Flute End Mills

Micro Carbide End Mills (Miniature Decimal Size End Mills)

These miniature endmills all have a 1/8 inch shank and are available in 1-1/2Xs or 3Xs diameter length of cuts. Available in incredibly small sizes, these and mills are capable of doing very find the detailed work. These tools are used in a wide variety of industries and have a range of applications. We offer these micro carbide endmills in several configurations including square end, ball end, corner radius and coated.  Link: Micro Miniature Decimal Size End Mills

Carbide End Mill Sets

Our carbide end mill sets come in a fitted hardwood stand for handy storage on your workbench. Most sets include 6 endmills with sizes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 & 1/2. These are a popular item to have around the shop for general-purpose work when you are not sure what size you might need, but like to keep something on hand to do the job when necessary. In addition to the sets listed here, we can also make custom sets with your choice of endmills. Please contact us for details.  Link: Carbide End Mill Set Selection

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