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Kodiak PVD Coatings Available:

ALTIN is a high performance coating for milling, tapping and drilling in stainless steels, carbon steels, alloy steels, titanium and cast iron. This coating is extremely heat resistant and can be used with or without coolant. It is exceptional in difficult to machine materials where adhesive wear is particularily high.

ALCRO-MAX is a Triple Platit Coating based on AlCrN with a titanium addition. Triple Coatings are deposited with 3 sections freely programmed in one batch. ALCRO-MAX has been engineered to give an optimum balance between the toughness of the core layer and the abrasion resistance of the top nano-layer. Titanium’s addition reduces the adhesive wear compared to conventional AlCrN coatings, increases the micro-hardness up to 3500Hv and stops the crack propagation through the coating. ALCRO-MAX is mostly suitable when machining tool steel and shows excellent behavior for wet and MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) conditions.

TICN is a general purpose coating used for milling a wide variety of materials. This would be an option when ALTIN cannot be used, as in applications that can’t generate the speeds and feeds required for higher cutting temperatures.

ZRN is a high performance coating for milling non-ferrous materials such as aluminum. It prevents edge build up that is typical in soft and sticky materials.

TIN is a special multilayer coating for tapping and drilling in a wide variety of materials. It’s generally used in applications with lower cutting speeds.

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